Registration and subs

Registrations are now open – all players are required to register before the commencement of the season. Registration will register you with Hockey Australia, Hockey Tasmania and with the Canterbury Hockey Club. Registration fees are required to be paid at the time of registering. These fees cover costs involved in the administration of hockey, including insurance, Hockey Australia and also Hockey Tasmania Levies.


All players must be registered before they play a game, otherwise details cannot be entered on to the competition management system and the team will be deemed to have played an unregistered player, risking a forfeit. More importantly the player will not be insured!

All senior members who register will receive a gate pass. This pass will entitle access to all Tasmanian Hockey Centres free of charge. There is no entry fee for juniors. Gate passes will be distributed at the start of the season by your team manager.

When registering select the category based on your age rather than which team you will be playing. ie A junior (18 and under) registers as a junior, this will not prohibit them playing senior hockey.

Seniors can choose game memberships for a set number of games (which can be upgraded during the season) or a full season membership.

Hints & Tips:

Registration is only completed after payment is successfully processed. A welcome email will issue from Canterbury Hockey Club <> immediately after payment is successfully completed acknowledging the registration.  If you do not receive this email, check your payment has processed.  If payment has not processed please try again.

If you require assistance with registering please contact Hockey Tasmania: Ph 6228 5976 Email or contact our registrations officer at


By registering with the Canterbury Hockey Club, you agree that you will pay your Canterbury subscription fee. This will be invoiced in two installments.

This fee covers:

Match Fees Equipment costs Coaching
Training Umpiring costs Club administration costs

CHC minimises the cost of playing for our members by:

  • Fundraising
  • Applying for and securing grants
  • Sponsorships
  • the hard work of volunteers!

If you can assist with any of these functions please get in touch with the committee!


2024 subs will be slightly higher than 2023 subs as Hockey Tasmania have increased their fees in 2024.

2023 fees were as follows:

Juniors (Under 12s, Under 14s, Under 16s, Under 18s) $210
A Pool (includes Premier League and 1st Grade) $650
B Pool $450
HookIn2Hockey $40 per term (4 terms per year)


Canterbury offers payment plans option. For more information of club fees or to set-up a payment plan, please contact our Treasurer

Ticket to Play

Do you have a child playing for Canterbury Hockey Club? Are you concession card holder? Ticket to Play provides vouchers up to $100 in value towards club membership for children aged 5-17 years and listed on a Centrelink Heath Care or Pensioner Concession Card or in Out of Home Care. For enquiries phone 1800 252 476 or visit the Communities Tasmania website.