Richard Hawson

Congratulations – Richard ‘Dicky’ Hawson 2010 Life Membership

Year Involvement
1969 Member of the first Canterbury First Grade Team was one of the founding players of Canterbury after playing with Waratah – which Canterbury was formed from. So his playing career spans all 41 years with the club, and then some.
1970s Mens’s Committee for 5-6 Years
1979 Men’s Top Goal scorer
1986 Vets Division 1 – CH – midfield general, Good impersonation of Fidel Castro when wearing beanie
1987 Coached U/14 girls squad of 20 – first year of Junior competition
Mid 80s – early 90s Won about 5 state championships on a trot in the mid eighties to early nineties
1989 Vets Division 1
90’s Assistant coach to Graeme Corney for Under-11 boys and onward in the age groups for a number of years in the early 90s
1990 Coach U/14 girls Vets Division 1 – “I’ll probably be late”
90s onwards Represented Tasmania and Canterbury in state veterans teams in the over-45, over-50, over-55 and over-60 age divisions, spanning 15 years or more
1991 Vets Division 1 – Premiers – one of best players
1993 Vets Division 1 – Premiers – playing Vets for 13 years
1995 Committee
1997 3rd Grade “unmistakeable legend of the turf”
Late 90s Acted as A Grade manager for about three years in the 90s, during son Andrew’s involvement
2000 Vets Division 1 – Lost grand final after being 3-1 at half time. no legs

3rd Grade – Premiers on penalties – So cool we have to keep “Checking his pulse to verify his aliveness”.

State Premiers

2001 3rd Grade – Premiers – Playing Coach

State Premiers

2002 “And it finally happened. Stalwart of the club and older than Methuselah, Osama Bin Laden look-a-like, player in the very first Canterbury team in
1969, the one and only Dicky Hawson played with OHA Wombats (over 55s) rather than Canterbury Third Grade. I estimate that Richard played well over 1,000 games for Canterbury over the years. I have played with him on at least 500 of those and received more passes from him playing against him this years than the previous 500 with him.”Vets Division 1 – Premiers
2003 Vets Division 1
2004 3rd Grade

Tasmanian O55s

2007-2008 4th Grade Wombats
2009-2010 5th Grade Wombats
Current Continues to match-manage Mens A Grade on a regular basis