Life Membership

The following criteria are a guide for qualification of Life Membership, the ultimate decision to be made by unanimous vote of the elected committee.

It is anticipated that the recipient will have contributed to the club in the following areas. Category A criteria are considered prime contributions.

Category A

    • Played at a high level over a sustained period.
    • Coached over a sustained period.
    • Key Committee portfolio holder over a sustained period.
    • Personal contributions of undoubted and significant benefit to the club.

Determined by committee vote

Category B

    • Long term involvement with the club in excess of ten (10) years.
    • Captain over sustained period
    • Manager over sustained period
    • General Committee Member over a sustained period.
    • Umpiring over a sustained period

Minimum Qualifications:

    • Two category A achievements and one category B, or
    • One category A and two category B achievements.
    • Sustained = 5 years or more.

If a candidate has contributed for five years in three lesser administrative or coaching rolls this will be sufficient grounds for one sustained achievement.

The above criteria are not automatic grounds for the granting of Life Membership.  In determining the candidates nomination, consideration should be given to a comparison of existing Life Members achievements.

Consideration should be given to existing Life Member’s comments and opinions.

Life Membership should not be unduly withheld for worthy candidates.

Life Members

The following members of the Canterbury Hockey Club have been rewarded with Life Membership for their dedication and hard work for the Canterbury Hockey Club.

2023    Sue Gordon

2014    David Coombe

2010    Richard Hawson, Eric PerrimanJohn Lawler

2007    Claire Pearce

2006    Mandy Knowles, Col PearcePeri Buckley

2005    Jim Hawson

1998    Glenn Lucas

1996    Doug Patten

1995    Ann Gard, Robin Birch

1994    Geoff Collis, Jennifer Beith

1990    Jane Patten, Andrew Coombe

1988    Therese Soul

1982    Ian Bowden, Graeme Corney

1975    Phil Hughes

1974    Kevin Mitchell