Mandy ‘Knockers’ Knowles – 2006 Life Membership


Mandy ‘Knockers’ Knowles


Key committee portfolio holder over a sustained period
Made personal contributions of significant benefit to the club
Long term involvement with the club in excess of ten  years
General Committee Member over sustained period
Umpiring over sustained period
1981 Played 5th grade


1982 Played 5th grade


1984 Played 7th grade in goals lost semi final on strokes
Appointed to Board of Examiners of the Animal Institute of Drinking Sciences

1985 – Played 6th grade
Start of Animal Institute of Drinking Sciences (AIDS)

1986 – General Committee Member
Played 5th grade
Finished first in the prestigious Animal Institute of Drinking Sciences Bachelor of Grog

1987 – General Committee Member
Master of Drinking Science – only female to have achieved this accreditation
Co-founder of the Animalettes – the equivalent of Men’s 4th grade Animals

1988 – Played in 4th grade Animalettes
Awarded Club Presidents Trophy

1989 – Member 6th grade Premiership Team
Throughout the late eighties and early nineties multiple Club quiz night master and organiser

1990 – Played 5th grade

1991 – Played 5th grade

1992 – Played 5th grade and then retired until…

1993 – Registration Secretary
3rd grade team manager
Appointed Chancellor of the Animal Institute of Drinking Sciences

1994 – Registration Secretary

1998 – Played 2nd grade

1999 – Compiled team reports for Annual Dinner

2000 – Committee member

2001 – Registration Secretary
Coordinated fund raising chocolate drive
Assisted with organising Annual Dinner

2002 – Registration Secretary and HS competitions committee rep2003Registration Secretary and HS competitions committee rep2004Registration Secretary and HS competitions committee rep
Under 16 Div 2 Team Manager
Awarded Club Presidents Trophy

2005 – Registration Secretary and Hockey South competitions committee representative
Under 16 Div 2 team Manager
Through late nineties and early 2000 regularly umpired junior hockey games
Regular assistant on junior registration days, junior trophy presentations and senior dinners
Continuous presence as a supporter to both men’s and women’s games