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Welcome to the Canterbury Hockey Club

The Canterbury Hockey Club is a very social and competitive club that enjoys itself both on and off the pitch. We welcome players and supporters across all levels whether junior to senior, recreational to serious, players from school to state representation.
We can provide you with the opportunity to develop your hockey as well as enjoy the great social atmosphere with like-minded club members. Whether you would like to be involved in playing, coaching or just being part of the Canterbury Hockey Club team, we look forward to seeing you!

Club History

 History of the Canterbury Hockey Club

1969 The Canterbury Mens Hockey Club was established by Kevin Mitchell who had been a member of the earlier Waratah Club which had disbanded in 1967. The club started with 3 senior and 1 under 16 team. The Club’s name came from Mitchell’s association with the Canterbury Rugby League Club in Sydney and the Canterbury Hockey Club in New Zealand. The Lion logo also was Mitchell’s idea.
1973 First junior premiership – U/16 boys captained by Jim Hawson.
1979-1981 Former manager of the Tasmanian Hockey Centre and former Australian representative Tony Williams led the A grade team.
1979 First time in final four.
1980 A Reserve premiership.
1982 A Grade first time into grand final (lost on penalty strokes) coached by Tony Williams. The team consisted of Colin Pearce, Dennis Patten, Graeme Corney, Geoff Mann, Geoff Perriman, Craig Irwin, Phil Dunne, Reg Gledhill, Ian Bowden, Col Browne, Barry Collins, Peter Hirst and John Lawler.A Reserve and U13 boys premiership. 2nd grade into the grandfinal.

John Lawler was Men’s President and Sue Williams Tony’s wife was Women’s President

1982 First A Grade premiership lead by Graeme Corney. Also won Southern indoor competition, opening day shield, State CSR league cup, State premiership, A Reserve premiership (indoor and outdoor) and 2nd Grade outdoor and State premiership.
1985 2nd Grade premiership, 2nd Grade State Premiers.
1986 A Grade premiership – coach Colin Pearce.

U13 Boys – coach Peter Gayton

1987 2nd Grade premiership, 2nd Grade State Premiers.
1988 2nd Grade premiership, 2nd Grade State Premiers.
1991 2nd Grade and Under 13 Division 2 premiership.
1992 4 men’s premierships.
1993 Veterans and Under 15 Division 1 premierships.
1994 Veterans premiership.
1995 Veterans and Under 13 Division 1 premierships.
1996 3rd Grade premiership.
1997 Lord Mayors trophy and Veteran premiership.

New Gryphon playing top

1998 The Club amalgamated with the Canterbury Women’s Hockey Club.
1999 A Grade premiership – coach Larry Mills – and under 16 premiership.
2000 A Grade premiership – coach Matthew Lamb. Three brothers playing in the team – Mark (a State player), Chris and older brother Matthew who also coached the team. Their father was the team manager. Also 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade premierships.
2001 A Grade premiership, 2nd Grade premiership, 3rd Grade premiership, 4th Grade premiership, Veterans premiership.
2002 2nd Grade premiership, 3rd Grade premiership, 4th Grade premiership, Veterans premiership.
2003  2nd Grade premiership, 3rd Grade premiership

Current jockey playing top

2006 U18 boys premiers
2008 4th Grade premiership coached by Robin Birch defeated POWW 9-4 (but possibly won in most part by Rob Rowell)

3rd Grade premiership coached by Trevor Hill defeated OHA 2-1

Under 15 premiership coached by Simon Coogan and Brendan Fazackerley

New playing shorts

2009 3rd Grade premiership

New hoodies

2010 Under 11 Boys Premiers coached by Richard Pearce and Nick Hill
1977 The Canterbury Women’s Hockey Club was established. There was no formal committee with most of the administration done by Ian “Sparra” Bowden. He coached the Seventh Grade team to a 6-1 premiership against Mitchell College. The team consisted of Sue Howell, Lynne Boyer, Therese Soul, Frances Maxwell, Pam Craig, Helen Moore, Arlene Volar, Judy Arnold, Robyn Collis, Lyn Jackson, Christine Curtain, Pauline Mann and Dee Jackson.
1978 4th Grade premiership – coach “Sparra” Bowden defeated Derwent 2-1

The team consisted of Lyn Boyer, Therese Soul, Helen Kelly, Pam Birch, Pobyn Collis, Michelle Butterworth, Christine Mitchell, Merrilyn Middleton, Roxanne Green, Claire Lawler, Francis Maxwell, Lyn Cengra

The Club expanded to three teams.

1979 The Club amalgamated with Meridian which allowed a consolidation of teams throughout the grades.
1980 5th Grade premiership – coach Robert Mollross defeated P

The team consisted of Penny Le Fevre, Jane Eldershaw, Kim Harvey, Laraine Bailey, Miranda Wood, Cheryl Hines, Chris Gee, Jo Kilmartin, Kate Pitney, Penny Wignall

1984-1985 2nd Grade (indoor) premiership – coach Robert Rowell defeated Wellington 3-2

The team consisted of Megan Elliott, Jane Patten, Mary-Anne Williams, Lorraine Barrett, Karen Hanlon, Cheryl Lester, Therese Soul, Bettina Kemp, Denise Wadsley, Gail Simpson, Sandra Ford

1985 4th Grade premiership – coach Therese Soul defeated University 2-1

The team consisted of Peta Butler, Sue Gordon, Jeanne Browne, Pam Hansen, Leesa Duggan, Rosemary Corney, Kerry East, Helen Smith, Jan de Soza, Arlene Volar, Robyn Fazackerley, Chris Gee, Sheena Neill, Jo Kilmartin, Karen Thorne

1986 A Grade premiership loss to NWG 0-4

First game on astroturf

1987 Opening of Dampier Street

A Reserve premiership – coached by Therese Soul defeated POWW 2-1

1988 A Grade premiership coached by Rod Clifford
1989 A Grade premiership coached by Rod Clifford

Co-op Toyota trophy for best overall club performance (5 premierships in A grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade and U18’s

1990 2nd Grade premiership

4th Grade premiership coached by Sue Gordon 2-0

Co-op Toyota trophy for best overall club performance.

1991 2nd Grade premiership coached by Doug Patten defeated New Norfolk

The team consisted of Christine Farmer, Miranda Wood, Kate Gard, Claire Pearce, Micheala Butterworth, Jane Patten

1992 A-Reserve premiership coached by Rita Whitehouse defeated United 3-1

The team consisted of Mel Sluyters, Jennifer Beith, Julie Farmer, Jane Whitchurch, Tania Marshall, Evelyn Pampkin, Kirsty Robert, Bronwen Roberts

U18 Red premiership

1993 4th Grade premiership coached by Sue Gordon defeated Wybia 3-0
1994 2nd Grade premiership coached by Sue Gordon defeated New Norfolk 5-3 (strokes)

The team consisted of Peta Kelty, Maria Osborne, Gail Friswell, Nicole Hobday, Leanne Denman, Deena Palmer, Sue Calvert, Judy Tapp, Jennifer Beith, Jayne Watkins, Kate Casimaty, Tabitha Dobson, Heather Bessell, Debbie James5th Grade premiership coached by John Wadsley

The team consisted of Sue Thomas, Sally Weeding, Louise Mollross, Margo Smith, Kay Schmidt, Sandra McGow, Louise Briant, Alison Kirby, Robyn Rose, Karen Jacobson, Angela Carter, Lucy Wood, Leesa Duggan, Vicki Fagan, Leslie Barker

6th Grade premiership

The team consisted of Rose Corney, Pam Broadby, Heather Karpiniec, Theresa McVey, Sue Apted, Jill Brundle, Margie Stoklosa, Christine Gee, Lyn Reilly, Robyn Collis, Lisa Harding, Sara Mason, Peta Kelty, Karen Jacobson

1995 A-Reserve premiership coached by Sue Gordon defeated Derwent 3-0

The team consisted of Peta Kelty, Jennifer Beith, Christine Farmer, Bronwen Roberts, Traci Shirley, Mel Le Jeune, Arlene Suttar, Tania Marshall, Alicia Crisp, Michelle Driver, Nisha Appleby, Judy Tapp4th Grade premiership managed by Louise Mollross defeated OHA 5-0

The team consisted of Louise Mollross, Angela Carter, Margo Smith, Robyn Hayes, Robyn Rose, Sally Weeding, Alison Wright, Jane Jolly, Leslie Barker, Vicki Fagan, Karen Jacobson, Kay Schmidt

1998 The Club amalgamated with the Canterbury Men’s Hockey Club.
1999 A Grade premiership – coach Vanessa McDonald – A reserve premiership – coach Sue Gordon – and 4th Grade premiership.
2000 Under 14 premiership.
2001 Veterans premiership.Under 12 Division 1 premiership
2002 Veterans premiership.Under 12 Blue premiership
2003 Under 14 Gold Division 1 premiership
2004 Under 12 Girls premiershipUnder 16 Girls premiership

Under 18 Girls premiership

Veterans premiership

2005 2nd Grade premiershipUnder 12 Blue premiership
2006 A Reserve girls premiershipUnder 14 Girls premiership

Third grade Div 2 Premiers

2007 3 junior premierships
2008 Under 16 Division 1 premiership
2009 A Reserve premiership3rd Grade premiershipVeterans premiershipUnder 16 premiership

Under 14 premiership

2010 Under 18 Girls Premiership, coached by Cynthia


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