Under 8/10

Welcome back to Canterbury for Junior Hockey in 2017. We’ve been busy behind the scenes planning for the upcoming season, and we hope to see you soon in your red and blue!


We are planning our Under 8 and 10 teams at the moment, and would appreciate if you could let us know if your child is going to play.

Hockey Tasmania Junior Gala Day

This is on Saturday 18th February (this week) between 2-4pm.

The Junior Gala Day is a free program showcasing Junior Hockey to new children. It will involve a coaching session and mini games.

Canterbury will be providing some of our amazing coaches to help make this event a success.

We have been asked by Hockey Tasmania to bring some of our players along to show the new kids how great Canterbury is.

We would love to wow the new kids with a great display of red and blue uniforms.

Could you please reply to me if your child is able to attend? ( k.brook@bigpond.net.au )

Kids will need their mouth guards, gear and drink bottle; and their uniform.

Junior Development Program

It was lovely to see some of you at our Junior Development Program last week.
This Program runs on Thursday afternoons for five weeks, and we are happy to take extra enrollments if you would like to join.
Please contact Kirsty Palmer for further details. ( divehob13@gmail.com )

Season Dates

Term 1 = from February 25th for six weeks
Term 2 = from May 20th for six weeks
Term 3 = from August 5th for five weeks
Term 4 = from November 4th for five weeks

Game Times

Between 1:30pm and 4pm


There is Hockey Tasmania registration cost of $10.
Canterbury will charge $30 per player per term.

Hockey Tasmania registration

Hockey Tasmania sent an email last week inviting everyone to register for 2017.
However, if you didn’t receive this email, you can follow the link on the Hockey Tasmania homepage.
This registration cost covers insurance for players. It must be paid before your children are allowed on the turf for games.

Canterbury registration

Canterbury will be holding a Registration BBQ on Thursday 23rd February.
This will be in conjunction with our Junior Development Program on that night, between 5 and 6pm.
We encourage you to come along with your kids for a sausage.
Registering is important – it allows us to plan our teams; to make sure our parent contact details are correct; and gives you an opportunity to share any health issues that may affect your childrens’ hockey.

We will having a stick swap on the night, with sticks that have been donated by some of our bigger kids. We would appreciate any extra donations if you have older sticks at home you no longer need.
We will also be offering new uniform for sale on the night, and are planning a second hand uniform sale. You’re welcome to bring clean second hand uniform for sale on the night.


Canterbury are proud to be one of only two clubs that offer training to their Under 8 and 10 teams.
In Term 1 we will not offer separate training due to our fabulous Junior Development Program.
Training for Terms 2-4 will be on Tuesday night between 5-6pm for the weeks of the roster. ie; starting the Tuesday night before the first game.

Age restrictions

There has been a change to the minimum age that a child can join the competition.
This has come from Hockey Tasmania, and is due to safety concerns.
Children may join the U8 competition when they turn six.
This new ruling affects all children, even if they played in 2015.
Unfortunately, this affects two of our Canterbury players. The club is happy to have these children join us for training, or at our Junior Development Program while they wait for their birthdays.

Parent Passes

Hockey Tasmania provides one Gate Pass for each child registered to play in the Under 8 and 10 competitions.
This Gate Pass allows one parent free entry into the Centre.
It will be given to you before or at the first game.
I appreciate there has been difficulty with Parent Passes in previous seasons, but Hockey Tasmania have been working with clubs to streamline the process.
In Term 1, there will be no need for Gate Passes until Senior Competition starts on 3rd March, so we have an extra week to be organised.

There has been an increase in the cost of Gate entry to $5 a person.
As an alternative, Hockey Tasmania offer a Non Playing Registration that provides a Gate Pass.
This is excellent value, and allows you to forget your wallet…but not your card.

Lightning Cup

This is preseason competition for Senior players on March 4th. Parking may be especially tricky on that day.

Bring a Friend

Friends make hockey even more fun :)
Canterbury is happy to welcome new kids to our Junior Development Program, and for the upcoming season.

Please let us know about your availability to help with the Junior Gala Day this Saturday, and about your plans for playing in the Term 1 roster.

Kind regards,

Karen Brook and Ella Harman.
Junior Coordinators.