Dear Club Members,

The subs this year have gone up for the first time in 2 years.There a number of a number of reasons. Hockey Tasmania have increased costs associated with training and playing games across both juniors and seniors substantially. In the past two years the subs have remained constant and have remained low so Canterbury could be one of the cheapest and affordable clubs in the competition. This season our fees will be comparable to other clubs, if not still cheaper.

The increase in subs from the previous year is quite marginal – Canterbury subs haven’t increased for 2 years. There has been an increase of around $45 ($65 + 45 ~ 110) in Hockey Tasmania fees as well as the approximate $10 increase in Canterbury subs. It is important to remember that the biggest component of the $110 registration fee from Hockey Tasmania is getting players to pay their gate fees up front.

Premier League has gone up the most by $30.

With the majority of other grades increasing by around $10 and junior subs decreasing by around $10.

All of the club overheads have been allocated fairly across all teams including juniors.


Why have they increased so much this year?

Hockey Tasmania Registration.

This covers a number of Hockey Tasmania levies as well as player insurance. A season gate pass was worth $65 according to Hockey Tasmania is included in this registration fee. In previous years this has been paid before each game.

Ground Hire, Training and Umpiring Costs.

Hockey Tasmania have increased the cost of all games and trainings as well as introducing the registration fee for all players. Every game of senior hockey costs $165 per team. This has been increased by $75 per game compared with last year as it was only around $90.

Training costs have also increased significantly with it rising roughly $10 per hour. Training is available to every player at the club. Junior game costs have also gone up by approximately 50% going from $60 to $99 whilst their training costs have remained similar.

Umpiring costs per game range from $20 for junior to $50 to premier league.


Where else do the subs go?

Coaching allocation. 

There is a coaching allocation portion of subs that Canterbury use to reimburse coaches for their countless hours given to the club including coaching at games and mid-week trainings.

State Reps

The state reps receive a discount of $150 for u21 representatives, $100 for u15, U16, and u18 and $50 for u12 and u13. The support to state and Australian representatives is vital to help the club and players grow and improve by offsetting a very small margin of the costs involved with these teams. Without this support some of our most valued players might start to look at other clubs that do offer this discount.

Improvement of Club’s Facilities, Equipment and Subsidising Goal Keepers.

Improvements have been made to the shed from kind members of the Canterbury community that included building team boxes in the shed to keep it organised. This is just one example of things that need to be improved each year to keep the club functioning. There are a number of equipment expenses we incur each year including replacing lost balls (around $10 a hockey ball), protective equipment such as face masks and cones for training. Goal keepers are subsidised up to the value of their gear and do not pay subs until this has been offset.

Club Admin

Events such as junior registration day, junior and senior presentation nights and junior development sessions which have been ongoing over summer also represent a portion of the subs. Encouraging all of the younger players at the club to keep pursuing hockey as a sport is important for the future of Canterbury and Hockey as a sport.


We can assure you we are trying our best to keep the costs of playing to a minimum and the increase in subs are directly caused by the increase in fees incurred with the cost of playing the game.